Thoughts About Mormon LDS Missions – A Heartfelt Reflection

Some people change and sometimes they change forever for better or for worse. I’ve always had mixed feelings on how Mormon missions change some people in this regard. I love being LDS but the mission field really has changed a lot of my friends and family and it’s powerfully bitter-sweet. I can’t think of any other word to describe it. I had to share this thought as I never served a two-year mission. The fallout has left me with many unhealthy regrets over the years. I’m a good Mormon and I love my Heavenly Father but often get confused by some of the indifferences that I am left to endure and feel amongst my own people

Time to Come Back!

As I get older I realize that what is written and recorded on the web becomes immortal thanks to projects like the Wayback Machine that record the internet in real time (billions upon billions of pages) as the ages pass by. Using this tool I can look back on my journal and see the way it looked back in 2003, or 2010. It’s PURE time travel! It is incredible and serves as a way to preserve our history and humanity during the passing of the internet from the present and into the future. So what I’m saying is, It’s really important to blog and write and keep doing it because it’s not in vein. The internet is becoming a permanent book. It’s a daily log that can be preserved as a historical record.

Google, Wayback Machine and try it out. This gets me thinking that it’s time to start writing again, and bring back what’s important – stories and experiences…

Happy Thought of the Day!

It’s amazing how families and loved ones move on and go separate ways and time marches on. Pretty soon we all die, western culture dies, and the desert winds will continue to blow while the universe continues to expand. Happy thought of the day!