Blue Sky People

Out there in the wilderness, where the Blue Sky People wonder, walk, and sleep;
is where the old eternal hills rest. The cold winter passes, and in the summer,
noon drips off ancient trees. Junipers, and pinions cover the Plateaus.
Brush poppers hide, such as the rabbit, the coyote, and the deer.
Eagles and Ravens share the blue palace….

Younger Ponderings

I am lonely sometimes in the way that I feel about life. Hardly any one I know agrees with me. I feel sad because I find a beauty that I can never put down. I carry it in my heart. My spirit can not be broken because I have found my place in life. I cannot go back to my past. My future will be radical. I have found my song. It is in my soul that I can stir up the old way.

Desert of Dreams

All over that country I drive that junker wherever it will allow me to go. Out to places without any incredible features, to places that are starving without the green beauty. Areas that are flat and deadlike, and have their own loneliness. Out there in the desert the dreams, and ghosts pass by bottomless mountain ranges under blue sky. The Creator created this place for me to love. I love traveling a highway for 100 miles without services. In three days I might only see one other car or truck.

The power of the sky and the desert, I cannot get it out of my mind. I stand up in the wild and feel the old way still alive. At night when I sleep close to the Earth’s power, I know that every thing will be all right in the end. I can’t forget what I have found and learned about the old way. I will always remember to know that I will always have my place in this universe and that I will always exist, some place, some day, forever.

Places of silence, is where I can find the great mystery. He knows me and I talk to him. I know that something listens to me out there in the void. What I send out comes back to me ten times over. I have said it all!