Welcome to my Blog!

A couple days ago, I found this awesome Blogging software on the web called, Movable Type. Its a simple tool that is used by Bloggers everywhere. When I found out that it was free for personal use, I’ve decided to try it. Don’t know how long I will use it, but it’s fun at the moment!

The hard part was getting it installed on the server. And had to configure the CGI script and make sure that the proper Perl modules were installed in order for the program to run.

It was a pain to set up, but when it was ready and running, Its a real neat tool. Its web-based so I can write in this journal from any computer that has internet access.

Cool! 🙂

Fire of Silence

The uncanny feelings slither through
this cavernous vista like the lonely fire
that burns within the phantoms and faded
shadows that once had casted forth

The living trance would once long ago
in the ancient times, howl and clamor a
deep declaration from the coyotes in the
flourishing, rolling hills of eternal rest

The emotion of blazing skies
would burn the candled nights beneath
the green, talking cedars.
The clouds shattered by so many ages
without a footstep never even faded.
Truly the soil, and the blue skies of this
ripe sphere was a rest and a haven to give
sanction to uneasy souls when there
was no other warmth.

The compassion and benevolence was given
to their calm and humble hearts.
Only they would know the song, and
it was a chant. This divinity of celestial
brilliance would cast away the evils,
It was a silence where the Creator spread
his spirit over the land. A genuine peace
was upon everything. It was trusted!

Away in the hidden mountains, and
anywhere there was a belief, the
faith was built up.

The Creatures of the forest
did rest and sleep. The fowls raised
their young. All in life was quiet,
and still.

Alone, where the old people of the
Earth traveled, while they lived
close together in this life.
Long ago, into ages of silence.

The Treeman

 I found this red story with a voice,
that was full of instructions,
given to me by the forest walker.

It is where I bathed in strange
conversations with the tree man.
His mind made of wood, his heart,
full of the place around him.

The forest depths are like his purity.
But I feel his restlessness.
I am headed for his power.
In the darkness my headlights go out.

It is the cabin in the wilderness, I find him.
By a lake where the big beast lives.
Where monsters walk on two legs.
Where the clouds and wind never stop.

The journey down the empty highway,
is the burden I love to carry.

Through this sea of desert, I swim.
Why do I search out the old way?

It so skillfully, and artistically
studies me, and tests me.
It is a warm feeling inside,
when the noon drips off the trees,
while the Sun glistens in the summer,
While I sit there, he comes to me.
He pops out of the bush as a coyote.
He sits on his tail and looks into me.
His ears pointed forward, he sniffs the air.

The old man hides in those eyes,
the ground around him, dark like ravens,
is his throne! The sky palace above glistens too.
Smells of sage and rain linger.

I will not hide.
I will not run.
The shadows creep up from this Earth.
They have no sources. They whisper
and talk. They bring the message.
It is the way he teaches.

The light is somewhere down below,
in the soil, under the roots of
those trees.

In the Forest this dream maker hides,
His tricks are not meant to hurt.
He walks like an old fellow in pain,
yet in the end he turns into A tree.