The Real Narrative: Freedom and Liberty vs Authoritarianism

Donald Trump is another plant. My intuition tells me one reason they installed him was to pacify the right-wing fervor that was growing to expel Federal control in Western States of public-lands. They knew Trump’s TV personality would make great theatrics. Talk about Fake News and politics. What’s going on in the South is another indicator.

The False-Narrative is Trump vs The Establishment and the National Security State. The actual reality and narrative should be: Liberty vs Authoritarianism because they continue to divide and conquer us!!! That’s where none of us are getting with the program. That’s how Trump will continue to empower those behind the curtain.

Let’s not forget that #DonaldTrump wants #EdwardSnowden executed. That contradicts the #TrumpĀ vs #establismment spin.

All of this is just food for thought but I’m willing to bet this outlook is correct.


Finger in the Dam

Some lazy mornings I don’t feel like writing but was instructed to practice daily to get anywhere prolific. It’s kinda like practicing the violin or piano in order to fine tune a talent. Writing is something I really enjoy doing but I have never done it for a wider audience. In my younger years, I would write a lot of poetry, essays and short stories; then I started drinking caffeine like a sailer and that dulled some of my senses until I curbed the intake recently after several years of abuse.

I’m laying in my bunk, sleeping in and listening to a husband and wife fighting outside while chimes dance in the wind. Off in the distance there’s the hum of a lawn mower mixed with the singing birds and varmints. It’s officially summer but last night was cold and the wind howled like a crazy woman across the desert disturbing every peaceful moment and wrecking havoc on the evening.

Already, I’ve been on several adventures with a trip to Santa Fe and two visits to a secret location in the desert. I’ve been waxing very political too as I grow concerned and impatient that Americans are losing their freedoms and this country is becoming a fascist state. All the while, young people rather surf their iPods and remain aloof from the tangible issues that could negatively destroy their lives. When it comes to taking a stand you feel like the lone voice in the wilderness or the boy with a finger in the dam. That’s how effective the stance can be when no one else comes forward. This causes me to question the basic intelligence of humanity and the ignorance (stupidity) in my own community? Sometimes I feel like giving up and letting the world crash and burn if it ever does but I am an optimist and that’s why I choose to walk the walk. My friend Jose Gonzalez was telling me late last night that I need to form an agenda and seek out sponsors for a political cause and then people will have something tangible to follow.

In the end, I come to realize that I’m the coyote minding his own business out in the desert catching insects and eating rabbits. I really don’t want to be messing with anybody’s life other than minding my own. Sometimes there’s evil in the world though and we need to stop it.

Longing For A Simple Life

While I long for a simple life you cannot excuse the power of technology and the impact of it on our lives. I think of the revolutions going on in the Middle East and how Facebook and Wikileaks have restored the power of information flow to people. Technology has been able to unveil secrecy so that the truth may be told. Yes, our lives are getting much more technologically complex but I can deal with this evolution with the good it’s bringing into the world. I think the Creator has a had a hand in it.

So I realize, nobody can be completely disconnected from the grid. I need technology to get my own message out, to declare my thoughts and to stay in connected with friends. Maybe we can just say that it is a necessary evil for all of us? Either way, I just got another Macbook and I am sure glad. The lack of a computer can be difficult these days. Our lives have become so dependent on them but I believe it’s a good thing.

I returned home to to Cedar late last night at three in the morning after being out in the desert all pulling rock from an old mining dump about five hours northwest of town nearNevada. Tomorrow, I will see if the rockshops in Zion Canyon want to buy this beautiful translucent blue Fluorite I hate to see such amazing rock go to waste. It’s time to quit roaming in the desert and start socializing again.

The first winds of summer were blowing the heat in from the desert this morning and the sky was stark blue with the bright sun. The birds are singing and it’s the beginning of June. Hopefully I can think of something more interesting to write other than my love of technology!