Real Beauty

Real beauty surpasses the physical realm
and is eternal.
There is a reason we change worlds
while this life is short.
Our evolution is infinite
even though we all must face death one day.

by Nathan Cowlishaw

Date with Jazmin

The wind softly
sliced through pinion branches
while the sunset’s crimson fire
burned the rock face
Imprinting trees in shadow.
As purple monsoon clouds shifted.
in the early August air
The chorus of insects sang ancient
flooding our senses
with ethereal sensations.
Somewhere, between
reality and dream

She is my new muse… An artist is she…

I can hear the soft whisper of the wind as it gently brushes the window blinds and evening starts to set-in… The Robins are singing in the late afternoon summer. Fine sediment is blowing in from the dust bowl west of town. And I’m just thinking… thinking about a lot of things.

Life is full of beauty with the simple, if you just let. them. be.