Summer’s Ending

I took my grandparents on a little outing today in the van. They’re truck has been broke down for about a month. My brother and our cousin have been trying to get my grandpa’s truck running, so he can keep the business running. Things have been tight lately.

Today we went on a 234 mile round trip, and spent the whole time finishing a few chores, and enjoying the journey. We drove across the Arizona Strip on the way back home. Gigantic desert clouds blanketed the desert sky as far as the eye could see, and cloud shadows dotted the golden landscape.

What a beautiful world, a quiet world. I forget the simple things at times. Visiting with my grandparents like I did today, is a rare experience. The mood was beautiful.

It’s sad that Summer is almost over.

Camping Alone and Taking Risks

It’s true freedom when you go into the mountains all alone, and spend the night by yourself far away from any road or trail. We have some mountains behind our ranch here in Southern Utah and they are pretty isolated. I was in my late teen years, when I would often venture into them on a regular basis during the summer. I dodged a few rattlesnakes. My stupidity, and hunger for fear clouded my judgment at times. Always, I’ve had my eye on the unknown, hidden things lurking in those mountains. The Blue Sky against Mother Earth, and the smell of wet sage after a rainfall still brings strong feelings.

A canyon behind our rock yard that people call Braffits Creek, and is a very deep and untouched canyon full of rigid cliffs and a deafening silence. Only the small creek is heard and an occasional breeze disturbs the Quietness.

So I wander? What would happen if you persuaded one of those city people to spend the night alone in a forest of old Juniper trees? How would they handle it?

Every time I go camping in remote areas, I get an awkward lonely feeling, especially when I take risks. What happens if I fell, or broke a leg, and starved? A multitude of thoughts pass through your imagination. What happens of you died, and no one ever found your bones? That’s a thought coming from a country boy.

Coming back From Salt Lake

On my way back home from a trip to Salt Lake City, I watched the sun drop in the west. Its rays illuminated a mass of rain clouds above some mountains along I-15. They glittered in colors of red, purple, and maroon. As I watched that grand closing, I felt so grateful for life.

An eagle silhouetted in black by the setting sun was sailing on the winds of bad weather. He was soaring below great thunderheads, and lightning was flashing everywhere. He was a small creature compared to the enormous expanse desert. Without his presence though, everything would have felt empty! The way this eagle weaved back and forth on the wind added a surreal feeling to the moment; a warrior and hunter; a beautiful king living on the freedom from his heart!

A photograph explains a thousand words, but the Earth talks in a spiritual wordless language that can pierce the heart, the intellect, and the soul of every human being. The Eagle was crying in a vision.

When a moment of beauty exposes itself to you, do not take it for granted. Don’t be distracted by your own life, or by the civilization that you live in. What you value now may not exist in the near future. Material things do not amount to much, but truth matters!

I think the Eagle was crying, or manifesting its struggle to keep going, despite the encroachment of darkness into his realm. As long as the sun keeps on burning, the warrior keeps on sailing.

None of us understand the dreams deep within. But every Human Being has his/hers struggles, and we all carry a confusion that won’t ever be solved. My personal opinion is that when you die, you might have a shred of truth, you might have been successful in scratching the surface the unknown. But even after death, you will keep on learning for the rest of eternity. Just like the never-ending universe, everything is infinite. Everything has endless meaning. Freedom is in the blood, freedom is in the struggle. The more trials that you face, the more you have to endure. You have to be grateful for everything bad and good.

I was taught as a child that the path of life was never meant to be easy, but it is definitely worth each step. Endure to the end! Maybe that is ONE teaching out of infinity.

And so this is another dramatic, but consistent entry into the West Desert Journal. But it’s how I feel at the moment. Goodnight.