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She is my new muse… An artist is she…

I can hear the soft whisper of the wind as it gently brushes the window blinds and evening starts to set-in… The Robins are singing in the late afternoon summer. Fine sediment is blowing in from the dust bowl west of town. And I’m just thinking… thinking about a lot of things.

Life is full of beauty with the simple, if you just let. them. be.

Originality in a Sea of Carbon Copies

When looking for jewelry, watches, stuff like that, it’s hard to find ONE piece that stands out in an ocean of carbon copies at all the pawn shops, thrift stores, and jewelry storefronts. Human beings are very similar. It’s hard to find someone with the attractive nature of being a rugged individualist. So have the confidence to be different and separate yourself from the sheeple. I’m looking for the perfect timepiece with imperfect characteristics that compliment my beautiful turquoise watch band. 🙂