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Storytelling & Snow Covered Landscapes

Butte Draped With Cloud

The snow covers the land in a thick white blanket with sunshine sparkling all over the mountains and trees. The sky is hard turquoise with soft clouds traveling over the new winter-land. For three days it snowed continuously. It reminds me of the deep heart of Navajoland near the Four-Corners, Arizona. This is the Escalante Desert around Cedar City, Utah, which is usually brown and thirsty. This past summer monsoon storms were disappointingly scarce compared to what I remember as a child when rain would turn streets into rivers around town.

I miss those times traveling around the Navajo Reservation in the dead of winter back when I was a tour guide. Driving across a white snow packed Monument Valley was sheer beauty and stark winter clouds cloaking mesas and red sandstone buttes. That was quiet heaven on Mother Earth. I miss the orange crimson sunsets flooding the snow-decked plateaus chocked with Juniper and Pinion. As I was traveling, my mind would drift in and out of reality because the beauty would carry me far away. It would take me to another time in the past when things were sacred and simple. It was a place free from pop-culture nonsense and mindless vanity to a real heartfelt existence of solitude and hardship. There was a time when struggling was the main line of work and labor and you really had to tow the line to survive but you could listen to the storytellers instead of televisions and radios.

Winter is a harsh season but well worth the endurance. I love it in the Colorado Plateau and Great Basin. Tonight, I am dreaming of the supernatural. Something roams those white hills in the night. I am writing this as long after that turquoise sky turned to night. It is starting to snow this evening and people travel through it on interstates, being careful not slide or wreck. We need the moisture very bad so it is the perfect trade-off. It is the time to thoroughly enjoy Cabin Fever, be with loved ones and dwell in the past.

I wish there was someone around tonight to tell my stories to. There’s no one around to share my tales of the past, of what happened so long ago. If you are patient with me, I have many many stories. A lot of them are not written. My stories are for skeptics and nonbelievers and they are unreal to believers. When I get old, my grandchildren will have the opportunity to hear the stories and I will hope they will pass them on down. My life is short but I am determined to make the most of it. The Creator has blessed me tremendously.

Thankyou, Heavenly Father, for the beauty in this world and for allowing me to see it and realize!

The Dream of Reality

The Road Less Traveled

The Dream of Reality

you are a dreamer
and I am a realist.

A dreamer is like the sky, intangible
where a realist is like the earth, tangible.

That doesn’t matter
as long as they both have a vision

When they possess that vision
it would make sense
that the earth and sky
are actually made for each other.

They do become one
where they meet.

And when they are one
they sustain everything.

by Nathan Cowlishaw
& Angela Perry

The Heart is Innocent

Horse in the Pasture

The heart knows not reason just what it feels. It isn’t any more complex then a child that likes to play in all their innocence. So because the heart is like a little child it doesn’t always know better and it makes so many mistakes. Perhaps that is why logic is there to keep it in check so it doesn’t run too wild. My heart knows love and can hardly be contained. It leads me into a lot of pain on occasion. I’m learning to keep it in check but I also listen to it more then anything else.

I’m kind of a rebel when listening to my logic because most my dreams come from the heart and it has never led me astray. Yes, I know pain and affliction but I also know the greatest forms of happiness and joy because I have always listened to the heart. Whether it’s hearing the spirit of the wild or the mysterious soul of a woman, I always listen.

Even when I feel pain, the heart inspires me to write and formulate words properly so that you can read what I am feeling. The love of life keeps me going strong and gets me through the hardest times. The relationship I have with my heart is the truest form of love. My spirit is strong and compassionate because of what my heart has done. I thank the Great Master for giving me such a gifted heart.