Go into the Wilderness My Friend

Dream of the old way.,
Vanish into the back woods.
The power of the wind is strong.
There is a shadow in the trees.

The powerful mystery speaks.
Dream of the spirit life
Where boundless solitude is found.
Go into the desert alone
Because it is calling you.

There’s a spirit home for every soul.
And the shadow waits.
In the hills over yonder
The mystery sleeps.

The sun is shining in a quiet world
of peace and stillness
Where the forever hills sleep,
that is where you should go

If you are a child of the mountains.


  1. You nailed it!

  2. Hey Kerry, I emailed you a while back and your wife responded. I hope you guys are doing good. That was a fun trip we had… Still memorable!

  3. Hi Nate, that was me that responded. It is her computer so it is her e-mail address but we share it.

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