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Looking Back

It hits like a freight train, I get this uncanny urge to wander off into the mountains. It builds up like water against a weak dam. When I try to describe this to some family members, it angers them. When I was in high school, some of my friends thought I might be suicidal when I would venture into the wilderness, alone. On one occasion they went looking for me, because of this. At first I was surprised that they would consider this, but grateful that they cared enough to do so. Maybe people thought I was shy? In reality; I had a love affair with the lonesome wild. I’ve always had a wanderlust, a motivation to venture into the hills. My mother put a scrap book of poems, artwork, and stuff from my earlier years, up through my teens, and I profess the same things now, as I did then. Some poems I read were clear back to 1996 when I was 14. So this isn’t some passing phase.

My Samurai is working again. It is a bright lemon yellow, so if search and rescue ever have to come looking for me, it won’t be hard to find. I’ve been taking some more risky trails lately due to my 4×4 capability. Having this power comes with more responsibility. Most people think I’m crazy to go to places like the Mormon mountains, alone. The problem is I cannot persuade anybody to come along. So it is just me and nobody! My brother, Joe, is coming home from New York this July, so I hope he’ll accompany me on some of my storm cloud expeditions?

The real fact remains, that I prefer going into the wild alone with no-one accompanying me. It is a very different experience then when I’m with others. Things happen then. When I’m with people, I talk too much. When I’m alone, it’s just thoughts and emotions. It’s easier to tune into the unknown and ponder this beautiful world.

I’m tired of the same regurgitation. The mountains hear my plea and they are always listening. 😉

The Shadows of the Land

i am leaving home
to join my soul, the wild.
leaving my loved-ones
for earth’s darkness.
the universe sings forever.
the desert calls.
i’ve been patient
in my planning.
no one really hears the mysteries,
or why the heavens weep.
The land’s transforming.
old ways dance in my heart.
my spirit is fiery.
the horizon waits.
i’ll find the place
where nothing ever sleeps.
tonight, i pack travel food
and journey into the desert.
the wind whipped wasteland is glistening.
my dreams haunt
bottomless basin mountains.
my heart is in the tower of stars.
the desert is calling.
in this darkening hour,
it’s a conjuring whisper.
i can’t be late for an appointment
with the shadows
of the land.

Yes, I believe in him

I just moved from Saint George, Utah, back to Parowan – Which I heard means Evil Waters to the Southern Paiute. Anyways, there’s stories around here of a hairy man, especially over by Enterprise Utah. I avoid certain parts of that country when going in alone… There’s an extreme feeling of melencholy there, because of a massacre site known as the Mountain Meadows Massacre, where Mormons killed over 200 people that were passing through back in the 19th century.

My grandpa has a bigfoot story, and he says the creature moved around him taking strides longer then that of a human being, and it walked in about 2-3 circles before grandpa decided to jump on his 4-wheeler and leave. He never saw anything, though. This happened up in the Tuscher Mountains, above Beaver, Utah. He was out rock hounding and it was after dark. Most people look at me in an unserious way when I admit that I believe.