Archives for October 2005

The Constant Rain

The rain pelts the ground
I hear the drum beat, the rattles
I see the landscape
drinking the moisture
I hear the birds singing
The billowing clouds are beautiful
Thunder shakes the land
the constant rain purifies

An old man lets the rain
soak his frail body
Warm summer freshness

Tree Man

One of the trees is human.
I’ve seen myself moving through large ponderosa’s.
waking up, sweating and shivering beneath the stars.
The dense forest enters my heart.
The tree is looking at me,
I’m looking back at myself
from the tree.

Peace. The tree man comes.
Please take me away.
I need the earth and sky.
take me far away,
old ghost stranger.

Ghost Stranger

The horned creature draws near
His eyes sockets are filled with dust.
Something dashes through through the trees, laughing
The visitor has come.

The painted female and male are holding hands.
The thunderbird dances.
The images are animating.
The pinions grow exceptionally thick.
The dead are visible from other dimensions.
The crickets chant.

Fearless whispers draw near.
Harrowing creatures wallow close.
I hear the creek sifting the ancient rocks.
The horned one is looking at me.
Dust filled eye sockets.