Archives for October 2004

Eddie the Hobo

Eddie was the old banchee-like man
with a twisted, hairy face.
From town to town he went-
singing quiet to himself
along yellow grasses and highway.
Eddie says he’s the Bigfoot Man.
At night-time he sings,
while watching the ancient moon rise.
Over each belt of cloud,
and dark mesa dream.

If I Had to Leave

If I had to walk away, and never look back,
Here are five things I’d take with me:

A piece of Turquoise,
My grandpa’s old cowboy buckle,
A small pocket book of family history,
A Jar of my grandma’s peaches,
And the first quilt my mom ever made me.

The American Illusion

“Money controls too many decisions in the world today,” says my brother, after discovering our parents have been forced to leave home, for better paying jobs! They seem like poor cogs in the wheel of civilization. Poor mutes that depend on the beast to merely survive. What would happen if all the little workers stopped working, or supporting the beast? Would it really spark any biblical end? No, the sun would still come up the next morning. The way of the Beast, is a dead end, since the beast will go belly-up, when fuel runs out.

America and the material world are made of money. It’s too deeply entrenched into material things, that shouldn’t matter. A rich woman might carry a bag of diamonds across the desert, before considering a jug of water. That is the truth of the illusion. What matters, is surviving in this world, not exploiting it! The economy (beast) must feed on natural resources to exist. The economy (beast) depends on the “value” of something to exist. And whether it’s painful to hear, the beast looks like a parasite.

We’d all be back to the horse drawn carriages, if we didn’t have money. Wouldn’t that be nice? Deconstruct civilization. Fight the parasite! Be a freedom-fighting hobo! 🙂

…diamonds weren’t even valuable, until someone indicated, a diamond was forever!