Archives for April 2004

Rat Race of Modern Life

The sky burned into ashes, leaving the vista shady and tender for my barren eyes to absorb. I’ve dodged the city. What a catchy place!

Even on the nighttime highway, and in my rearview mirror; someone’s headlights felt unsettling? This whole week, the tiny spurs of reality have been stabbing at my heart.

Then, a brief moment on a rain swept desert was curing all the misery?

Please disqualify me from rat race of modern life.


The land has been swept
by winter and summer.
It’s tough and faded.
It’ll outlast any human era.

I once passed an old graveyard,
and saw the eroding tombstones.
Each individual had dreams,
a pumping heart,
and a smile.

The land
will outlive the foolishness
of lonely humans.

Ditching the Square House

This morning, my bag was finally packed after inserting instant mash potatoes and Top Ramon. My cook’n pot is tight ‘n secure. My car is full of gasoline with blankets in the trunk. I’m prepared for the boonies, and now I’m feeling reckless, and something is waiting.

God, please, I’m leery of this formidable square house telling me how to behave and how to live. The TV is a non-stop chatter box. Society keeps rambling on… Everything has a purpose, but your face is in nature, it heals my silliness. Pity me for feeling more reclusive every hour.

Damn! I want the desert surrounding me, providing a hiding place from cities and towns of never ending man-made sounds. I love quiet days of cloud shadows passing over. This is true happiness, my friends!

The wind-swept canyon lands are awake with strange skies of soft blue complexion.