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A Few Words…

Today’s high temperature was 25 degrees. Tonight’s low will be 6 Degrees. My family left town yesterday for the weekend, and I decided to stay behind. So it’s just me and the dogs, and I took them west of Cedar on a hike. This town is right on the borderline of the Colorado Plateau, and there are mountains. So it seems like this place gets more snow than the desert. I journeyed out there today and there wasn’t much snow. But had an enjoyable time, and made it back safely.

The other day I almost got stranded. My vehicle is old and was having some problems, but I made it back okay. I was off in a canyon for about six hours doing some photography, and enjoying the silence. When I returned to go home, the car was totally dead! Several times I tried push starting it but nothing would happen. Just after dusk, a man stopped in a Chevy truck and was kind enough to jump start my car. I hadn’t seen anyone else all day. This location was about 20 miles from the main highway. So I was glad that I didn’t end up spending the night out there. LOL.

So I will end by saying Happy New Year!

The Earthquake in Iran

After September 11th, the chaos was all over the news. The world was showing Americans support and sympathy for their loss and tragedy. I remember how big and tragic the event was. When you turned on the TV, almost every channel was covering the Events of 9/11. Now a huge earth quake slams Iran killing more then 20,000 people, but I hardly see any news on basic network television? Yet, when President Bush gives a “Live Speech” normal television programming is disturbed. Yesterday they had the usual garbage on TV, and nothing special dedicated to those who lost their lives in Iran. There was no sign of sympathy or grieving. What I see is nothing but hypocrisy. Maybe it’s just my perception, but that is how I feel.

Out There On the Desert

I wrote this a few years ago, and was reading it tonight from a past journal. I am reposting it here to share. I hope that anyone who is feeling lonely tonight will read these words and feel comforted by deeper feelings. When I am sad, that is when I write my best thoughts and it’s when I dream my best dreams. Life is too short to take for granted. We all need beauty and love and we all need a friend that is willing to listen.


Out There on the Desert

When I go into the desert on some remote highway, I am there by myself and surrounded by so much beauty. This is stolen land! Once people use to dwell here. but now they are somewhere else. They are no longer here.

This makes me real sad inside. As I am sitting on the edge of some cliff, I watch the sun go down and reflect its last light over the red sandstone and I can feel the old ways that were once here. The sun is something even more personal way out here! It has a spirit that talks to you!

Every day I am wondering what is going to happen to this little world. I go on these trips alone and the anger disappears. I only want what is peaceful. I always ponder about those old days that happened so long ago. it is the way it was.