Archives for August 2000

The Treeman

 I found this red story with a voice,
that was full of instructions,
given to me by the forest walker.

It is where I bathed in strange
conversations with the tree man.
His mind made of wood, his heart,
full of the place around him.

The forest depths are like his purity.
But I feel his restlessness.
I am headed for his power.
In the darkness my headlights go out.

It is the cabin in the wilderness, I find him.
By a lake where the big beast lives.
Where monsters walk on two legs.
Where the clouds and wind never stop.

The journey down the empty highway,
is the burden I love to carry.

Through this sea of desert, I swim.
Why do I search out the old way?

It so skillfully, and artistically
studies me, and tests me.
It is a warm feeling inside,
when the noon drips off the trees,
while the Sun glistens in the summer,
While I sit there, he comes to me.
He pops out of the bush as a coyote.
He sits on his tail and looks into me.
His ears pointed forward, he sniffs the air.

The old man hides in those eyes,
the ground around him, dark like ravens,
is his throne! The sky palace above glistens too.
Smells of sage and rain linger.

I will not hide.
I will not run.
The shadows creep up from this Earth.
They have no sources. They whisper
and talk. They bring the message.
It is the way he teaches.

The light is somewhere down below,
in the soil, under the roots of
those trees.

In the Forest this dream maker hides,
His tricks are not meant to hurt.
He walks like an old fellow in pain,
yet in the end he turns into A tree.

Blue Sky People

Out there in the wilderness, where the Blue Sky People wonder, walk, and sleep;
is where the old eternal hills rest. The cold winter passes, and in the summer,
noon drips off ancient trees. Junipers, and pinions cover the Plateaus.
Brush poppers hide, such as the rabbit, the coyote, and the deer.
Eagles and Ravens share the blue palace….

Younger Ponderings

I am lonely sometimes in the way that I feel about life. Hardly any one I know agrees with me. I feel sad because I find a beauty that I can never put down. I carry it in my heart. My spirit can not be broken because I have found my place in life. I cannot go back to my past. My future will be radical. I have found my song. It is in my soul that I can stir up the old way.